Baja Consulting is now live on SharePoint 2013 on Office 365. After waiting months for our old tenant to be upgraded, we decided to simply cancel the current subscription and sign-up again. Because of that, everything is brand new (including blog), so we apologize for anyone that got a bad link from a search engine.

For anyone that chooses this approach also, the only major thing that we ran into was Lync Federation.   Others on Office 365 federated immediately (or pretty close), then after about 12 hours customer federation started working and finally Skype and MS Messenger contacts started working after about 36 hours.



Site Tools

Provides designers and developers the ability review the current web site and lists properties on that site. Provides the additional ability to build queries against those lists and render the JavaScript for selecting that information either utilizing CSOM / CAML or REST / OData.​

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Version - 9/20/2013

What's New:

  • Changed List Query Builder by adding a dropdown to select the type of generated code and removed the corresponding buttons.
  • Added the ability to generate Knockout from the List Query Builder.  Designed as a Data View replacement to allow designers to easily select data from lists and simply modify the generated HTML to render views.



List Query Builder

Allows the user to view and build queries based on the current web's lists.  Then optionally generate the JavaScript needed to retrieve the data either using CSOM or REST.  The generated code can then be copied into a Script Editor Web Part or Content Editor Web Part to give new developers and site designers an easy jump start into the new SharePoint development methodology.




Web Properties

Displays all of the available properties that are returned from the REST / OData call for the current web.




Kn​​own Issues

  • The pages in the application use the SharePoint Client Object Model and the OData interface to dynamically build the information.  Some of the fields and pages that are dynamically called either return errors or return nothing.  These fields and pages exist but require alternative access methods. Currently, this is by design.


Browser Compatibility​

The generated code has been tested on several older AJAX enabled browsers but should be tested to ensure that it meets all of your requirements.  The App requires IE9 or greater and has been tested on multiple other modern browsers.​

Privacy ​P​olicy

This application reads web and list properties but does not transmit anything to any outside site.  All generated code should be reviewed prior to placing on your site.  Not guarantees of any kind are made regarding privacy of the data.​